Sunday, June 13, 2010

To be able to speak English well you need practice!

To learn a language successfully, it is really important to be able to apply what you have learnt in a wide range of situations. When we use language with real people, in real situations, we learn much faster and grow in confidence.The City People invite you to come and do just that in your own time, in your own way. You can find them at work and at play, in and around The City.Language is communication. The City People are all real actors who want you to talk to them, you'll find them interesting and above all helpful. Let's meet some of them:If you feel like shopping, Donatella can help you find the perfect outfit at her Periwinkles clothes store. (As a Languagelab student your clothes are free).For your next job move, visit Bette, to get help with your job search, applications and interviews at Smart Temps.Need a break? You are always welcome at the Conversations cafĂ© to chat with Millie etPebbles.Why not go and talk to Lane, the local newspaper owner, who is happy to discuss the latest news with you.For a little creative expression, visit Griffin, who is passionate about writing music for movies and needs you to practice his scripts.If you want to listen to a story or two, sit down with Socrates.If you´re not a talkative person, don´t worry. The great thing about the City people is you can improve your listening skills until you are ready to speak. We will also give you a reference sheet for ideas of what to say. Watch your confidence grow as you learn to chat with different native speakers in real life situations. Improve your listening and spontaneous speaking.The key is to go and visit them, start talking, enjoy yourself, and realise you can do it!src:

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